Hiking is an exciting physical and mental fitness activity that challenges and cheers the human spirit at the same time. The last ten years has seen more people embrace the backpack revolution. Here at Rustic Africa Safaris we are overjoyed to see more of us enjoy the magical Kenyan landscapes.

Discover must-do hiking Trails in Kenya

Just under 100km from Nairobi is Njabini Gate at an elevation of 2,500m asl is the trail head of one the Aberdares most sort and visited trail, offering both a good challenge and beautiful views. The trail is about 9km to the peak standing at 3,650m Asl and you get back to the start by retracing you steps. From the top awesome views of the twin peaks of Mt. Kinangop 2nd highest point of the Aberdares. Away from the horizon to the south is Mt. Longonot and Mount Suswa and to East the Mount Kenya. The vegetation; Rain forest, Bamboo forest zone, and at last heather and moorland.

Mist and rain occur throughout much of the year, with precipitation varying from around 1,000 mm on the drier north-western slopes to as much as 3,000 mm in the south-east. During the rain season the trail is extra challenging especially in the bamboo section of the trail.


Distance; 18km

Elevation Gain; 1050m

Time; 6-7 hours

Trail Rating; Moderate

An hours drive from Nairobi branch off Magadi road at Kisames shopping center to the right. The hill forms part of the greater Olo Oroka ranges and live in the shadows of the the more glamorous Ngong Hills. Trail head; from Ole Sayeti, the trail skirts to the left of this little hill dotted with acacia shrubs, then cuts across the plain to get to the base of Olesekut. It then winds its way up onto Oloroka ridges that present spectacular views of the surrounding beauty of Rift Valley, including from a distant the picturesque Ngong Hills.

From here on, the trail levels off at a high elevation and follows a ridge top with stunning V-shaped gullies running down and breathtaking sheer cliff drops. At the head of one of these side valleys is Kitalo Cave, a home for Maasai Morans during their period of living in the wild, following their circumcision. Save for the few herds of Maasai livestock you encounter grazing on the lower hill slopes, Olesekut is delightfully isolated from civilization, and from its summit you get magnificent views of both Ngong Hills and Mt Olorgesailie. It makes for a truly refreshing day of fun and connection.


Highest Elevation; 2100m
Distance; 16km
Time; 5-6 hours, Trail rating; Moderate

The hill of seven hills that is Ngong hills is a true charm and if you truly indulge she will reward you with her beauty.. It’s the story of many who have experienced her. At each top of the hills is an out this view of the Nairobi city to the East, on a clear day toward Kona Baridi you could easily spot Mt. Kilimanjaro to the south. But it’s the view of Maasai wilderness that will blow your mind.. as far as your eyes can see Ngong hills has just what the doctor ordered for your optical nutrition.

As that is not enough to the north a perfect view of Ole Seyat and Oleseikut Hills part of the Olo Oroka ranges. To the west Mt. Suswa stands tall and the further west you can locate Mt. Longonot, this is Ngong hills at her best laying the Rift valley code down for you

Distance: 22km

Time: 6 Hours

Highest Elevation: 2460m

Trail Rating; Moderate

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